About GIH

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Gulf Investment House (GIH), founded in 1998, is one of GCC's leading financial services companies. GIH is a shareholding company based in Kuwait and listed on the Kuwait stock exchange with a subscribed and paid up capital of KD 40,649,566 million.

The shareholders of GIH include well-respected and reputable Kuwaiti and Regional Financial Institutions and Individuals. With a diverse Shareholder Group, and we have a reputed Sharia' Board. GIH has the capability to access significant capital for the Private Equity, Real Estate and Direct Investments which form the core business activities of the company.GIH has investments in GCC, USA and other selected markets.

Capital Market Authority has issued Securities Activities License No.AP/2015/0027 for GIH on 7 Oct.2015.

Mission & Vision.


To uphold the values of Islamic investing by conducting business in accordance with the principles of Sharia', and delivering innovative and world-class solutions and services to our clients with utmost professionalism.


To be a leading company in Kuwait and the Gulf in the Islamic financial services and investments sector by maintaining the trust of its customers and exceeding the expectations of its shareholders.

Our Guiding Principles.

In our relationships with shareholders, clients and business associates, and in all our activities, GIH is committed to:

Sharia’ Compliance

GIH's activities, internal and external, fully comply with Islamic Sharia’.


All GIH’s activities are conducted with the highest standards of integrity.


GIH works in partnership with its shareholders, clients and business partners.

Decision Making

GIH's structure and company culture facilitate open communication supported by teamwork and quick, but prudent decisions.

Client Focus

Fulfilling Customer expectations and objectives is a top priority for GIH.


  • To not only meet but also exceed our client’s expectations
  • To conduct all financial and investment activities under the direct supervision of the Sharia' Supervisory Board.